Why Do You Need Clix For SEO?

On-page search engine optimization is a vital component of search marketing. In most cases, local business owners don’t understand or take into consideration how important relevancy is to their website. Relevancy requires a base of keywords that simply make sense with your site’s content. Clix establishes your list of keywords and follows a series of steps that help point Google, Bing and other search engines in your direction.

  • Evaluating the quality of your content

    When we evaluate your content, we look for how many times your keywords (keyword phrases) or the words within your keyword phrases are mentioned. We look for readability, which includes grammar mistakes, and more. We take into account “stop” words. Basically, “stop” words are words that Google, Bing and other search engines ignore because they are used with such high regularity. Examples of “stop” words include: “are”, “concerning”, “is”, “amid”, “am” and a lot more! In the past, people would cram keyword phrases into sentences regardless of readability. By taking into account “stop” words, we can strategically place keywords and maintain readability.

  • Optimizing the metadata of your pages

    Your metadata is information that can’t be seen by the naked eye (unless you view source). However, metadata is extremely important to search engines. It communicates to the indexing machines (aka, search spiders) what copy shows up in the search engine results pages (SERPs), what your page is about, whether your page is indexable, and more.

  • Optimizing the speed of your site

    We resize files to be more efficient. We also integrate your site with Google Analytics and Google Webmasters. Google Webmasters allows us to see if there are any crawlability issues that need to be addressed.

  • Validating the coding of your site

    Proper coding is important for crawlability. Having a site completely composed of tags and same-page CSS is not the best idea because it is highly unorganized and not efficient. Although this is more of a practice in website protocol, it’s what search engine spiders see. They don’t see your website as a conglomeration of beautiful pictures and text.

  • Integrating blogs

    We only integrate WordPress blogs with websites that we can gain access to via FTP. WordPress blogs are the industry standard and are extremely easy to use. In fact, we build all of our websites on WordPress because it gives our clients a place to easily add new posts with an intuitive editor.

  • Consulting on blogging and copywriting

    We provide consulting and copywriting services on blogging on a per-hour basis. The reason we don’t include this in our packages is because of the case-by-case nature of the service.