• Goal Setting

    PPC reporting is a byproduct of our campaign development and creation. At the beginning of your campaign, we create goals and develop campaigns, ad groups, keyword lists and ads with the intent of meeting these goals. We don’t see the value in just regurgitating the percentages and numbers that are exported from Google and Bing. Rather, these numbers are put into context. Simplicity is key to how we communicate with our clients. Although we pursue simplicity, it’s fairly difficult to always achieve it. That’s why we are available to field any questions you may have regarding your PPC reporting!

  • Analytics

    We link all of our PPC accounts with Google Analytics. Then, we create and set goal URLs when necessary in order to gain insight into how your traffic behaves within your site. We answer the questions:

    • Do they stay a while?
    • Do they bounce right away?
    • What page seems to be the most popular?
    • Where does your visitor’s journey end?

    By addressing these questions, we can improve upon your campaign and cater it towards the behavior of your consumer. However, this is not a short-term process. In most cases, short-term campaigns with little historical data can benefit from in-depth analysis because there is nothing to analyze. On the other hand, a campaign with a year’s worth of data is much more valuable because we can identify when/if there’s seasonality, if the campaign has been running inefficiently, and more!

  • Weekly Reporting

    Unlike SEO, PPC is an instantaneous strategy. Your business can compete immediately following campaign creation and activation. Because of this, we report weekly on PPC campaigns as opposed to monthly (like we do on SEO campaigns). We like to keep our clients involved in the PPC process and provide transparency.

    On a daily basis, we analyze our clients’ accounts. Our analysts maintain the quality of your account to make sure that your traffic is very high quality and that your cost per click is as low as possible to remain competitive within the top three positions of Google, Bing and their networks.