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Our Creation Process

  • Competitive Research

    Prior to creating any new campaigns, Clix researches and collects information on your competitors’ PPC campaigns to see what keywords they’re spending their budget on and how they’re positioning is on Google, Bing and their respective networks. We combine the information we gather from our PPC research with our SEO research in order get an idea of how your competition approaches its search marketing from a whole.

  • Keyword Research

    Keyword research involves collecting and analyzing your ideas. For example, say for instance that you want to be found for the search query, “pediatric dentist in indianapolis”. We will run a series of projects to evaluate volume, relevancy, competition, cost per click (CPC) and more. Following Keyword Research, we should have a relatively detailed list of keywords to target when we begin creating your campaign.

  • Establish Goals

    After we define your keyword list, we need to establish goals. For many of our clients, the goal is simple – provide quality traffic that is more likely to convert (make a phone call, chat online, fill out a form, etc.). Other reasons to invest in PPC are to build brand awareness, supplement organic search results, target locations and devices, among others.

  • Account Setup

    We set up individual accounts for our clients and link them to our client center so that we can manage them efficiently. In addition, all billing goes through us. You don’t need to worry about multiple bills coming your way.

  • Campaign Creation/Organization

    Campaigns, ad groups, ads, and especially keywords are where local business owners go wrong when they try to create their own campaign or work with Google or Bing to create a campaign. These business owners end up wasting a lot of money on irrelevant clicks. When Clix creates your account, we take care of all of the specifics such as locational targeting, device targeting, ad scheduling, bid placements, theming (campaign, ad groups, ads, and keywords), and more. We get your campaign in order, tightly theme it and move on to creating relevant ad groups.

  • Ad Group Creation/Organization

    The theme of your campaign dictates the theme of your ad group. Themes are driven by your targeted keywords, which explains why competitive and keyword research are our foremost objectives. We match relevant ad groups to your campaigns in order to improve the quality score of your overall campaign.

  • Keyword List Creation/Organization

    Within ad groups are batches of keywords. These keywords are the foundation for the ad group theme, and we don’t want to stray to far from they keyword variation we are targeting. Although this is tedious work, it’s crucial that campaigns are created this way. Ultimately, this structure allows for more flexibility when creating ads.

  • Write Ad Copy

    Ad copy is experimental. We test, test and test some more in order to solidify an ad that has the highest clickthrough rate (CTR). After we do this, we continue to experiment even more to see if we can beat out the top-performing ad.

  • Optimize Destination URLs for Relevancy

    This is the equivalent of on-page search engine optimization. The page we send your targeted visitor to can mean the difference between them bouncing (leaving right away) or clicking through to more information, filling out a form, or even making a call.