• 24/7 Live Chat Lead Generation

    We are very excited to provide this service to our clients. Adding live chat to your website is like having a customer service associate available around the clock to field any questions your customers may have regarding your product or service.

    Our online chat service is dependent upon generating leads for your business. The key benefits of having chat featured on your website are:

    • Online leads increase by nearly 35% on average.
    • Customers may not want to give you a phone call. Chat gives them an alternative solution.
    • Over time, vital sales information can be gathered during the customer interaction process. This will provide insight into what your company is doing right vs. doing wrong.
    • Customers are receptive to smart, proactive engagement. Our chat will be manned 24/7 and be courteous to the needs of your prospective customers.
    • Your customers will receive immediate assistance. This means no long wait time for email, phone call, etc.
    • Finally, don’t worry about a thing. Once chat is live on your website, our specialists will begin turning your visitors into leads right away.

    By addressing these questions, we can improve upon your campaign and cater it towards the behavior of your consumer. However, this is not a short-term process. In most cases, short-term campaigns with little historical data can benefit from in-depth analysis because there is nothing to analyze. On the other hand, a campaign with a year’s worth of data is much more valuable because we can identify when/if there’s seasonality, if the campaign has been running inefficiently, and more!

  • Integration

    • We will install a Clix Live Chat icon on your website.
    • As soon as one of your visitors engages with the chat icon, one of our Clix chat specialists will assist them immediately. Our specialists are able to field questions specific to your industry based on a script and industry-specific experience. We utilize this process to gather your visitor’s name, phone number, reason for call, and so on…
    • As soon as we net your lead, you will get an email from us immediately. Alternatively, we can forward your customer to your phone number.
    • Our specialists are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There’s virtually no down time.
    • Finally, you only pay for the leads you receive.